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Cazorla Treated Schweinsteiger ‘Like a Dog’ in Arsenal Win Over Man United – Gary Neville

Cazorla Treated Schweinsteiger ‘Like a Dog’ in Arsenal Win Over Man United – Gary Neville

​Gary Neville has claimed Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla treated Manchester United’s Bastian Schweinsteiger “like a dog” during the Gunners’ 3-0 win over the Red Devils earlier this month.

That’s not in the negative sense, though, as Neville took time on ​Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show to reflect on just how Arsenal swept United aside so easily on the day.

Arsenal won 3-0 at the Emirates, thanks to two goals from Alexis Sanchez and one from Theo Walcott, but Neville believes Cazorla was the key to the victory.

He intimated that Schweinsteiger was continually drawn in by the Spaniard to abandon his position in central midfield, and Arsenal continued to exploit the German’s failure to sit in position alongside Michael Carrick.

Neville said: “Against Arsenal, for some reason, and I don’t know why, it was like, has Schweinsteiger gone rogue?

“But the more you watch the clips back, you think it must have been a tactic.

“In this game they got concerned about Cazorla. And Cazorla, he had him on a lead. It was like a man with a ball saying to a dog “come to get it off me, come to get it off me”, and as soon as he gets near him, he throws it off to Mertesacker.

“It’s like ‘Come on, Come on Doggie’ He’s toying with him, Cazorla.”

United however bounced back and beat Everton by the same score line at the weekend, and Neville noticed a ​massive change in his former club’s tactical layout.

He added: “The contrast from the Arsenal defeat to Saturday was absolutely dramatic. You could argue no two games are the same but both Arsenal and Everton are good at playing out from the back.

“Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger started to connect with each other. They never got detached. It was a very, very good tactic against Everton, who became frustrated and could never play through United. It was a case of Manchester United being patient and compact in their defending.

“As soon as the ball went into the midfield area they pressed but they never had one of their central midfield players going rogue – they all stayed tight together.

“As a tactic, it worked brilliantly in the game. Everton didn’t have an answer to it. They couldn’t get Ross Barkley or Steven Naismith into the pockets. I’m sure Louis van Gaal will be thinking, ‘what if I employed these tactics against Arsenal’. It could have been different but Arsenal did play really well.”

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