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Pallaso speaks out on “Tubonga Nawe” dinner

Pallaso speaks out on “Tubonga Nawe” dinner

As musicians who graced the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ launch face attacka from their fans for siding with a party they do not support, singer Pallaso has also come out to explain why he attended the launch last weekend.

Pallaso was evidently unhappy with his fans’ criticism, saying he was just invited for a dinner with President Museveni, and that he is still open to doing business with any other political party since the candidate he supports is a secret to him.

He posted on his Facebook page – “I didn’t go to tHe presidential dinner for politics, I went there to eat dinner with the president;

I don’t know if the artists invited the president for dinner or whether the president invited the artists for dinner but all I know is I was invited for dinner and it was an achievement to eat dinner with the president for some one like me who has risen from nothing to something in No time !! It had nothing to do with my political view !!

My political view is secret that is why my doors will remain open for business for any political party that chooses to hire me during campaign season !! ‪#‎K.O.T.E.”

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