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Army denies ID registration

Army denies ID registration

The army has reiterated its position that soldiers, who recently returned from South Sudan, are not being registered for national Identity Cards in Gulu District.

Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF spokesperson, said in a statement there were no soldiers being registered after the closure of the registration process in May.

“The UPDF would wish to affirm that no soldiers are being registered for National IDs as claimed,” Lt Col Ankunda said.

Lt Col Ankunda said those who missed the registration, will wait until the exercise resumes after the 2016 polls.

This comes amid claims by Democratic Party president Norbert Mao that UPDF soldiers are being registered. Mao was blocked from being nominated for the Gulu Municipality Member of Parliament seat after failing to avail a national identity card.

He would later reveal that he did not register during the exercise because he was sick.

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