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Reason why the population census was postponed!

I will not define population census , I

Three men accused of being handsome in foreign country! deported!

It is very nice to be good looking..but have you ever thought that your looks can be of danger to you,

My advice to the rebel MPS!

Okay, first of all, I would like to echo the words of FDC’s Wafula Oguttu: “There is no institution that can

Mini Skirts!

I am finding this topic in all angles, on all media, from all friends, that I can not now resist

Laptops for kenyans, Porridge for Ugandans! Am kenyan.

When the new president of Kenya was being inaugurated, every thing around was very lively and the media took it all.

Twitter Trending topics

So today was the day when ‘Tweeps’- Tweeter Users, from Uganda to be exact decided, let’s pick on a 17  year old girl