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SMS Info:

SMS On-request Information provides access to information like news, commodity prices, sports, horoscopes, lifestyle information from various databases through a mobile phone. The customer sends an SMS with a Keyword to a specified number and then the system returns the requested information as an SMS. For example for stories making International headlines. Type WORLDNEWS and send to 8198.



International, World Headlines Type WORLDNEWS and send to 8198
Local News Headlines, Type NEWS and send to 8198
Breaking News all over the world, Type BREAK and send to 8198




Live game updates, Type LIVE and send to 8198
Game results and scores, Type RESULTS and send to 8198
Premier League fixtures, standings, Transfer News and results, Type PREMIER and send to 8198
Team News, such as Arsenal, Man UTD, Chealsa, Type “Team Name”and send to 8198,

e.g. Type CHELSEA and send to 8198




Bible verse, Type VERSE and send to 8198
Quran verse, Type QURAN and send to 8198
Bible verse interpretation, Type GOSPEL and send to 8198




Love tips, Type LOVE and send to 8198
Female sex tips, Type SEXF and send to 8198
Male sex tips, Type SEXM and send to 8198
Relationship advise, Type RELATE and send to 8198