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Terms and Conditions

SMS Media Marketing Promotion Policy

All participants in SMS Media Promotions are required to visit our websites www.campuser.net and www.smsmedia.info before taking part in an SMS Media Promotion, to ensure that they are fully aware of and agree to the terms and conditions of our Promotions.

Failure to comply with stipulated terms will lead to automatic disqualification from participation.

A participant in an SMS Media Promotion is presumed to have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions of Promotions:

Participants in SMS Media Promotions hereby agree to the following:

    • The cost of participation (SMS, Email, etc) in the Promotion is as stated in the publicity materials announcing the Promotion, and the company and its partners reserve the right to change the cost but not before informing the general public through the same means the Promotion was announced.
    • The Opening and closing dates of the promotion will be announced at the start of the Promotion and will remain fixed unless the company announces a change through the same means the Promotion details are made public.
    • The draw mechanisms, time and dates/ frequencies of draws announced at the start of the Promotion will stand unless the company announces a change through the same means the Promotion details are made public.
    • The communication of winners will be by SMS and on the company website relevant or other means the Company may wish to utilize.
    • The requirements demanded of winning participants when picking up their rewards will be made clear in the communication of the Promotion and announcement of winners.
    • Draws conducted by SMS Media will always be conducted in the presence of three company officials including the Finance and Administration officers of the Company.Staff members and their next of kin will not be allowed to participate in Promotions, and their phone numbers will always be listed for this purpose.Winners who are unable to retrieve rewards due to unavoidable circumstances such as distance will be required to communicate this to the company within a stipulated period of time or stand to be dropped from the competition and be compensated in an agreed upon manner.

No promotion will be construed to constitute another promotion unless expressly stated in the official publicity materials circulated by the Company.